Adventure Hop

Session 1 Recap

Anders, Gedrus, Jaevik, and Extraxi make their way to Barrow’s Edge to answer a call for help. On their way, they encountered a caravan being attacked by goblins. After the goblins were defeated they met Sten Goodseller, a halfling merchant that lives in Barrow’s Edge. They helped Sten arrive safely to the settlement of Barrow’s Edge. They made their way to the inn, where they learned for about the call for help.

Mallie, the owner of the inn and unofficial “leader” of the town explains that a nearby goblin tribe has suddenly grown aggressive. They had no problems with them before and even traded with them on occasion. However, they have grown increasingly aggressive and hostile the last few months. Mallie wants the party to find out why and to put an end to the goblin threat in any way necessary.

Nobody in town knows where the goblin tribes home is. You must seek out someone skilled in tracking to find the goblin trail. Tomorrow the party will head back to the site of the caravan attack and see if they can find any leads.

A ranger, Osaliske, arrives in town in the late evening. He is here to answer the call for help. He joins the party and will help in tracking down the goblin tribe.


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